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Since first joining a newspaper my freshman year of college, I've written, edited, and reported for six different publications, focusing on race, culture, and politics. Currently, I'm freelancing from Austin, Texas. I pursue journalism because I believe the industry is in need of writers of color with community experience to report on the topics dominating our racial and political climate. 

  Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Why This All-Muslim School in Texas Wants to Build Their Own Wall

A reported essay on an all-Muslim school that fears it's campus will be attacked, following several mosques being burned down in Central Texas. The piece mediates on the idea of Muslim sanctuaries inherently being targets, the sacrifices Muslim kids have to make, and my own experiences in Texas public schools

  Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Ten Things Palestinians Can't Do Because Of The Israeli Occupation

A breakdown of ten main ways the Israeli occupation affects the daily lives and well-being of Palestinians.

Walter Scott Case Proves There Are No Smoking Guns In Police Shooting Trials

Michael Slager shot an unarmed, fleeing black man named Walter Scott five times in the back. One juror stood in the way of a murder conviction.

Georgia Bill Could Make Islamic Veils Illegal In Public

A Georgia rep wanted to amend an anti-masking bill to target Muslim women. The day after this article was published, he withdrew the bill due to backlash.

Muslim Women Across America Face Attacks In The Wake Of Donald Trump’s Win

Muslim women reported their hijab being torn off, slurs being thrown at them, and other violence.

This Florida Amendment Claims To Be Pro-Solar, But Energy Advocates Are Skeptical

A backer of the amendment was recorded saying the legislation was "political jiu-jitsu," fueling skepticism.

Should You Trust The American Red Cross With Your Donation For Haiti?

The Red Cross is asking for donations to help Haiti, but they have a history of not fulfilling promises.

Palestine Activists Are Angry About Alleged Facebook Censorship

Facebook suspended accounts of several prominent Palestinian journalists, without explanation.

  Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Brooklyn bodega owners fear backlash after mass synthetic weed overdose

Bedstuy bodegas were accused of selling K2 secretly, and local owners who say they're innocent worry about there business. 

How Philando Castile's killing fit a pattern by Minneapolis police

An infographic and analysis of killings by police in the Twin Cities area spanning over four years.

"I did not think I would make it out alive": Witnesses describe the Dallas ambush 

A oral account from four witnesses on the shooting that left five police officers dead.

  Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Texas' campus carry law: Who's in, who's out

An infographic on the status of campus carry at 80+ Texas universities and colleges.

Incidents, political rhetoric have some Texas Muslims nervous

An in-depth story and video on rising Islamophobia in Texas cities, and the response of local Muslims.

  Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Learning Arabic Begins Early for Houston Magnet School Students

A feature on one of the first Arabic Immersion Magnet School in the nation, which officially opened in Houston in fall 2015.

30 Years On, Austin Group Still Looking Out for Queer People of Color

A feature on allgo's, the 30 year-old organization formed by queer Latinx and Black activists during the 1980s.

San Antonio Turns to Gunshot Detection Gear to Cut Crime

Councilman Alan Warrick II has worked to bring a gunshot detection system to his childhood district—but will it work?

  Articles below are from the opinion department.   Fall 2015.

Articles below are from the opinion department. Fall 2015.

Professor must be held accountable for islamophobic comments

Following a confrontation with Palestine Solidarity Committee protesters, a professor referred to them as terrorists. He must be held accountable.

Police Lives Matter undermines efforts to increase police accountability by Black Lives Matter

A heavily sourced rebuttal to a Police Lives Matter rally held in Austin, following a slew of Black Lives Matter demonstrations. 

  Fall 2014.

Fall 2014.

5-1-Tunes Feature: MODAL

Part of Orange Magazine's feature series, highlighting a local hip-hop jazz fusion band.

Protecting a Culture: Nritya Sangam

Feature on a group of Indian women at the University of Texas that use dance to maintain a connection to their culture.